Why Is The Walking Dead Popular?

There is no doubt that the Walking Dead has gathered popularity to itself over the years. Since the time it was first aired in 2010, the number of fans it has continued to increase. Today, it is one of the top three series the world has known in terms of the number of fans it has. While many people have linked its popularity with a lot of things, this article will try to give you some of the main reason why this series is very popular.

One of the main reasons why if you pick up any of the Walking Dead Season to watch, you will always enjoy it as long as it has great characters it has. The seriesactually has a set of exceptional characters and this has made a lot of people to stick with this series. So many people have their favorite actor and actress and they want to watch the next episode to see if their favorites are still safe. This is why most people keep anticipating the next episode.
Another reason for its popularity is because of the horror and zombies in the series. People want to know how the series is going to end and what will happen to the survivors and zombies even though no one actually knows details about how the zombies came to be. Many people actually like watching horror movies basically because of the suspense and the fact that it takes their full attention off any other thing.
The series is really unpredictable. You cannot say for sure who the most important character is or who you think would survive at the end of the day. This is just unlike the other series where you can easily tell who will be the last man standing at the end of the day. It is also not possible to know How many seasons of walking dead there will be at the end of the day. This unpredictable nature of the series makes it very popular.
The final thing that will be talked about in this article is the fact that the Walking Dead is a series that evolves. Anyone who has watched the series from the beginning would agree that some issues that it had at the beginning had been taken care of by the producer. The series keeps getting better and better in terms of any area you can think of.

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