Which are the top manga characters

Manga Online has resulted in certain Mangacharacters becoming extremely popular the world over. When one Read Mangathey literally fall in love with the character or maybe they identify with the character or so admire the character in question. Some of the top manga characters to date are :
a) Goku of Dragon ball. This character is the main protagonist of Dragon ball and he possesses various abilities which include super human strength as well as using of ki, teleportation, flight, reflexes which are enhanced, super speed as well as durability.
b) L Lawlett who also is known as L is one of the characters of Death Note. Even though in the manga L died, he did not lose. This is the beauty of it. The creators of the series too believe that L was the character which was the smartest. In addition to it he was not only funny but weird and awkward too and still he was cool. L had his own style and there are no characters that have his personality.
c) Naruto of UzumakiNaruto is a character who has the underdog thing going. He is one character that has literally gone through hell and more and still he bounces back. He is upbeat even though sometimes he is stupid when it matters most. He is supporting and helpful as well as he is always with his people whom he loves a lot.
d) Monkey D Luffy is from One Piece and he is funny as well as stupid. Though at times he is very serious. He is a person who is loyal and helps people who are in need. He has never wanted to be a hero but as the Captain of the strawhats he is just so loveable and one of the best people there are.

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