What is a Minecraft Servers: Understanding the basics?

Minecraft Servers are the computer that you are connecting to play Minecraft online, through a multiplayer mode. This computer can be connected through your local area network (LAN) or through the Internet. This server can be a single computer over your LAN, or it can be a series of computers across the globe, that has been controlled by a popular server online.

How to protect your MC Servers?
You don’t require a Minecraft account necessarily, to download and run the server online. It is made in a way where you can customize your Internet settings, according to your requirements.
If you are interested in using these servers nearby your location, simply connect it to your LAN. You can also connect to the Internet and enable the multiplayer option to compete with tens of thousands of players if you run your portal through popular Minecraft servers online. Make sure that you have controlled the open port 25565 of your home Internetrouter so that the other users across the world can map your server to their network.Most public servers use the same customized software functions, hence don’t worry about getting any additional security downloads.
• Make sure that you get regular backups so that you can keep a tab on your MC servers usage.
• Enable ‘Whitelist’ in your server, so that you can regulate the users with whom you are connected.

Some Popular Servers List
Below is an updated Minecraft servers list to make your gaming experience more fun.
 Hypixel Network
 Desteria
 MineHeroes
 ExtremeCraft.net
 PrimeMC Network
 Minecraft Central
 GrandTheftMinecart
 Mineplex
 Snapcraft.net
 Good Gaming Network
 Cosmic Craft
 UberMC.net
 HavocMC- Home of the Mining Dead
 SkittleMC
Hope thislist will make your gaming experience more pleasurable. Happy Gaming!

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