What are the risk factors for the legionaries disease?

There are many risks in legionaries disease including chronic lung problem. It will reduce immune system function by a great margin. You should go for proper diagnosis with antibiotics to cure the problem. If you are suffering from severe pneumonia, then you have to pay brief attention to your problems. Your doctor may test sputum, urinary antigen and blood to ensure infection in your body.

What are the risks?
• Smoking can damage your lungs that will make you more vulnerable to risks. Apart from that, it might bring many lung infections.
• In the case of the weak immune system from another disease, it can be risky for your life.
• There are some risks of kidney, cancer and diabetes.
When it comes to legionella control, you have to maintain some safety standards to carry out a proper risk assessment of the bacteria. It will help you to reduce the risk. Legionella is a negative or harmful bacterium from L. pneumophila species. It is very famous for its legionellosis diseases.

What should be the legal duty for landlords in the case of legionaries disease?
Your landlord should assess and control the exposure of the legionella bacteria. In the case of your property, you have to do the same according to the safety law. The bacteria can cause some serious disease that is why it needs to be controlled to minimise the risk.

There is no vaccine available for the legionnaries disease that is why it is tough to fight against the disease. You can minimise the risks by cleaning potential sources of Legionella bacteria. It will prevent them to spread out drastically in the environment. There is a chance for smokers to develop legionnaries disease.

Legionella risk assessment should be done properly to resolve all the problems. You should clean the draining pools and hot tubs. You may use chlorine to kill the bacteria. It will be better if you keep you temperate of water above 140 degrees F.

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