What are Stretcher Bars, their designs and uses?

A Wooden stretcher has been constructed by Stretcher bar, this wooden stretcheris used by artists in order to mount the canvas. They are mostly used traditionally as a wooden support on which artist fastens a piece of canvas in it. Canvas Stretcher Frameis also used in small scale embroidery so that it can provide steady tension, fixing the edges of the fabric with staple guns or pin-push before the user began sewing and after the work is completed stretcher is removed. Stretcher Bars are usually in the rectangle shape. Consumers can also purchase it through the internet as it is easily available there.


The outline on stretcher bar should be rounded slightly. It has two types of advantages:

• It allows frame to obtain and see clear edges on the images which have border precise.

• It makes the canvas to get rolled over the outlinesinstead of gettingsnapped over the sharp edge, it is the major reason behind canvas cracking.

• Provide proper outline to the user.

Uses of Canvas Stretcher Frame

• The uses of stretcher bars have become more popular in home print and are increasingly prominent with Inkjet Canvas and inkjet printer canvas this is mostly used to print anything on the cloth as per the requirement of consumers.

• Many artists’ uses pre stretched and blank canvases in the business of art. Many of the photographers use stretcher bar for framing wedding photography and also for reproduction of photographic print. Along with this, it is also used in picture framing when farmers are framing things such as sports shirts, etc.

• When the picture is clicked by the photographer, then it is digitally transferred into canvas inkjet printing. Then they stretch over a frame and with the help of wrapping the canvas around the frame is attached to it and the picture is ready to be hung directly on the wall.
These are some uses of Canvas Stretcher Frame.

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