Various steps to access unblocked games in schools

The latest trend in playing games is playing them online. Kids love playing online games. Now a day’s schools have introduced gaming activities to makes school less boring. Computer games are the best options to make kids learn and operate the computer systems. unblocked gamesare what the schools are looking at.

How to access unblocked games in schools?

VPNs: These use different server location to access online servers. They connect your IP addresses with someone else’s and track the school’s firewall. This way your request will be channeled through a tunnel. You may also download other free or paid VPNs. Following are the links to connect VPN on your device:

 Android device


 iPhones and ipads

 windows 7,10

Using a proxy: This a method used to by schools to unblock any game. You can use any of the available proxy services on your school’s system. Now you can type the URL of the game site in the web address Column. This way you can successfully play unblocked games. Following are its steps

 The first step is to access a proxy server on your school’s system.

 Next, type the URL address of the game site on the designated address bar.

Using a smart DNS: This method is faster than VPNs and proxy. They provide speedy and stable access to unblocked games sites. It routes all your requests through a server. Here is no need of a third party. Steps to get started:

 Go to the control panel

 Then press network, the internet,

 Network and sharing center and then change adapter setting,

 Double click on network adapter,

 Click on internet protocol

 Lastly, go to general tab type the game site address on the DNS server.

Above were the methods to access unblocked games in school. One can try any of the methods to get good results.

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