The question of when funny videos will go into extinction

A question has been in the heart of the entertainers or the entertainment industry about when funny videos will go into extinction. Sometimes, it is asked more like a question, not to anyone but in the heart of people that are watching these videos, especially those that have observed the entertainment industry for a very long time, seeing various trends come and go. Projections and calculations by various statisticians might even be ongoing to know the extent to which these kinds of videos will be relevant. The answer to this question still remains unanswered, especially with the emergence of very bad blague (Very bad joke) by the palmashow (le palmashow) event. The palmashow has pulled a lot of audience online form various parts of the world and has been seen to be indeed funny, especially at this time in the world, where stress id the order of the day. The rate at which these set of funny videos are going online is such that one cannot say if it will actually go into extinction or not.

Another question in the heart of some selected few, or weird individuals is what makes those videos funny. Yes! You might conclude and say that all the funny videos you have ever watched are funny to you, but it might not be the same for everybody (friends and colleagues). You must have gotten to a point or experienced a moment when you are trying to communicate a funny video to a friend and he or she does not see it as funny. This can be due to the fact that you are not properly mimicking the character in the video. For example, in the palma show, their videos have always been found so funny when watched than when acted by other individuals, because the characters in the palma show are unique beings on their own, very funny set of individuals.

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