Top glitches players should know when using GTA 5 cheats

When playing GTA 5, either online or in single-player mode, and using any GTA 5 cheat , a player is likely to come across small glitches. Consider the SKYFALL cheat for example. When this cheat is activated and a player has a wanted level, it will be difficult for the player to turn right or left when flying. Moreover, the player will not be able to fly at an angle of 90 degrees towards the ground. This glitch is very common in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gaming consoles. A player is also likely to encounter a glitch when switching characters.

When a player is switching to a different character while the switch view is on (for example Franklin escaping the smoke on water and Trevor is lying on the ground drunk) and then activates the SKYFALL cheat quickly before it is playable, the camera will remain in the original position where their supporter was standing. In this case, the texture of structures and buildings in the area will be lost. After some few seconds, the camera will start spawning behind the supporter, although it will not remain where the supporter was positioned until the character is killed. While the gta 5 cheats help, understanding these glitches can enable a player determine whether it is worth it to use the cheats.

Many players do not realize that there are glitches in gta 5 modded cheats because they only use specific cheats in the game continuously. In fact, many players are more likely to activate cheats for acquiring weapons and becoming invincible. While all these are important cheats in the game, it is also important for players to know more cheats so that they can make their gameplay exciting. If a cheat has any glitches, a player should consider an alternative cheat or wait for the game developers to fix the glitch.