Steps to follow in solving err-name-not-resolved problem

You may encounter errors on your computer due to many different reasons. It is imperative that you take precautionary measures in order to ensure that all your work is safe before embarking on any fixation process. You can begin by creating a backup of all your important documents including pictures that you treasure. It is advisable that you use an external disk or flash disk to save this information. You can then determine the cause of the err_name_not_resolved problem. Retrace your steps to the last action performed before occurrence of the error. This is the most likely cause of the error. Consider noting the program in use as well as the version in order to make it easy for you to find the solution that you need.

Look for different solutions to your problem

Ensure that you run the antivirus application in order to identify any threats to your system. Upon completion of the scan, you can restart your machine then check to see whether err name not resolved problem persists or eliminated. If you find that the error persists, plan your next cause of action by looking at other alternative methods that can help you with the problem. Choose the search engine to use in order to help you get an easy solution. Type the exact error on the search tab and click on the enter button. This option gives you various answers that you can use to help in sorting out your err-name-not-resolved problem. Look at the different resolutions and pick out the one that is most appropriate for your use. Pick at least two or three in case your first option fails. In the case that you still do not get a solution, go ahead and contact the technical support team for your computer. This will definitely give you the solution that you require.

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