Snapchat friends- Get access with your friends:

As solitary of the top photo sharing and video sharing apps are available in the Snapchat. According to latest news there are 500 million snaps are received and send every day. One of the popular features of Snapchat is snapchat friends list that is both loved and heated equally. Users of the Snapchat enjoy the app because of its availability of interchanging snap with folk or others.

Snapchat friends – best friend list explained:
Snapchat friends as they are known easily those three persons you most often share photo with. The friend list is get updated in every week that means if you contact more people frequently in entire week, they all will show in the best friend list. You can be updated with list when you go for send a new one. Your best friends will be shown on the top of list that helps you to get easy access. This list can see by any of your contact and this can also display in public profile.

Snapchat friends-How to bring your contact:
In the Snapchat when go for knowing your Snapchat friends you go with updated list. On the other hand, you can see the best friend in your contact by using simple methods.
• Scroll down to username or name of your friend that you wish to know about.
• This will bring their contact in your profile where you will be able to see their score and username.
• You can also see the lists of the users of your friend snap with most frequently.
• You can move the best friend list from three to five or five to seven by using setting pane of Snapchat.
Always keep in mind the best friend’s algorithm works only when your friend send your friend regularly. That friend will come on your best friend list because score gets higher in each time he/ she send snaps.

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