Quit Smoking: You can do it!!

Smoking generally refers to cigarette or tobacco smoking in which the tobacco is burnt, and the gas is inhaled and then let out. Sounds gross, right? It is not only gross but very bad for health. In the United States alone, about 5 million people die each year due to smoking addiction. That is why people are advised to Quit Smoking.

Why do people smoke?
All smokers know that smoking is bad for their health. Even then, they can’t stop smoking because of one or more reasons below.
• Showing off and fitting in – This is how people usually start smoking, mainly teens. When your peers smoke, you can’t help it but try one for yourself.
• Addiction – Nicotine, a substance present in the cigarettes excites the brain. People develop an addiction and become chain smokers.
• Relapse – Even if smokers try to quit smoking, they experience ‘withdrawal symptoms’, feeling uneasy and like something is missing in their daily routine. This is due to their craving for nicotine. About 60 – 90% quitters in the first year give in to smoking again.

Harmful effects of smoking
‘Smoking causes lung cancer’. Everyone knows this. What they do not know is smoking also leads to many heath complications like heart disorders, mouth and pancreatic cancer, numbness of body parts, and also affects and stains teeth.
Passive smoking is the effect of smoking on people in close proximity of smokers, especially their families. It is particularly risky for children.

Quit smoking
Quit smoking campaign has been gaining many supporters. An example is Quit smoking Moncton in which smoking is not allowed in public buildings. The good news is that the body is not so permanently altered and starts recovering if chain smokers stop smoking suddenly, not like in the case of drugs. A firm step-by-step withdrawal can make you quit smoking forever.
• A strong decision to never smoke again. Show the strength of your mind!!
• Various alternatives for Nicotine like medications and laser treatment.
• If you need help to overcome addiction, seek to counsel from experts. There are many websites online that provide you help.
Quit smoking. Breathe healthily and live healthily. Best luck!!

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