Potty training – the most important process in a child’s and parents life

The most important stage of a child for his mother is when he starts to take his first steps. That is the toddler stage. The care for the child also increases as he just enters the stage where he will now be given potty training. It is really important part of the child’s development as he is now going to step into living a social life. Till this time they had a habit of wearing diapers and urinate whenever they felt like doing so. But after they reach toddler stage, it becomes compulsory for the parents to give potty training (zindelijkheidstraining) to their little one.

Below given are the potty training tips for the parents to teach their toddler:

1. Truth training – the main question that comes in every parent’s mind is when to start giving this training to the child. It becomes really important to give this training to the child to save him from getting sick and also to make him independent. When the physical development and social awareness is seen in the child, it’s considered the right time.

2. Syndication training – the next question to ask yourself as a parent is that are you ready to give the potty training to your child? It is really important for the parent to have a particular mental sitting before starting the training. It is because the training will create a lot of hassle and irritation for the mother.

3. Checklist for training – this point tells you about the items that should be in the stock before beginning the training. There are different tools for different places like roads, home, for night.

4. Techniques for syndication training– once you feel that you are prepared and the tools are ready; you will have to learn how to handle it. There are many methods to know how your child will react.

At times, you will also feel that your child is feeling resistant during the potty training. Don’t lose temper as it will get fine with time.  

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