Mobile Strike Cheats & Tips Guide 2017

If you’re a mobile gamer, watching a Mobile Strike advertising pass by is nearly inevitable.Not only has the game programmer being pushing big levels of Mobile Strike advertisements, but they also have managed to use Arnold Schwarzenegger to attribute inside them. Mobile Strike is exactly what you call a free-to-play MMO game for Android and iOS.The game is created by Machine Zone, but for some reason, they chose to publish it under a new domain name, called Epic War.

Today, Machine Zone is also the programmer behind Game of War.Additionally, this is among these free-to-play MMO games that have been aggressively promoted.There’s a great deal of discussion about Mobile Strike being a complete replica of Game of War, as well as the reviews are not particular magnificent.That being said, the two games are downloaded over fifty million times, which says a whole lot.Within the following guide, you’ll get the answers to the most often requested Mobile Strike queries.

How to Rally

There are two forms of rallies in Mobile Strike.There’s the defensive “rescue Rally” along with the offensive “War Rally”.Both of these rallies have their particular purpose in the game, but they also have minimal requirements which you want to meet.To start with, you’ll have to get a Hall of War on your foundation.Alongside some Hall of War, you also will need Mobile Strike Hack Tooland be a part of a guild.Apart from that, your target either must be at the least a Headquarters level of 15, or be a part of a guild.

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