How to identify a replica Gucci Watch?

Are you thinking to buy a Gucci Watch? Then just be aware because there are shops in the market that claims to sell Gucci watches with cheesy price tags, but the people who want to add a luxurious item to their wardrobe are cheated. This post is about, how to identify the Gucci replica watches and thus before going to buy Gucci watch do have a read to the article.

The tips and tricks
Let’s start the identifying process. The face of the watch must be uniformly spaced and perfectly built. Often you would find that the replicas are not that uniform, and here they get caught. Now let us have a look at the minute and seconds hand. The smooth Swiss movement is used in all Gucci watches, but the fake ones will always tick and stick at some point of time and thus get easily identified. The “Swiss made” is embedded in the bottom of the watch and that too precisely below the 6o’clock. If it is not there, then you may have been trying to buy a fake watch. Then you may try to find the model number at the back of the watch, if you don’t find it then it’s a replica watch. Do look at the crests of the watch. The crests of the original ones are a bit smaller and thus get caught when the fake ones have a larger crest.
Final words
The above tricks were sure shot but even if you don’t get them right, just take the watch in your hand and feel the weight. Since these watches are made up of stainless steel or similar heavy metal, they have a larger weight than any other replica watches. The last thing that can suggested is to get an expert from the company or any other place to help you because they have a good training in detecting the fake ones. click here to get more information Panerai Replica Watch.

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