How Rubber Ducks Can Help Raise Money For Charity

Whether you want to raise money for a college or a charity, then a rubber duck race is a good way to raise some much needed funds for a worthy cause. wholesale rubber ducks races are simple to arrange and are great fun for the entire family to take part in as if a duck is fairly cheap and a rubber duck race in full swing is really a fantastic spectacle.

To keep a rubber duck race there are two primary requirements, a stretch of running water and a whole group of rubber ducks.

The ideal thing to do would be to first find a stretch of water, either a river, canal or stream could be well suited for a race. Anything you discover, the stretch of water must be long enough to maintain an adequate period race and also have sufficient flow so that the ducks can permeate the course easily. The final thing that you would like is for the ducks to be stuck at one area, therefore a lake is not the ideal option for a race! Be certain that there are not too many barriers over the stretch of water which you select else you might locate the ducks get trapped and you’ve got a whole lot of miserable sponsors.

Unfortunately you can’t simply turn up to some stretch of water and also maintain a wholesale rubber ducks You will want to get approval from the owner of this water, or appropriate service, whether that’s the local council or water board. After a stretch of water was identified and approval was gained then it is possible to move on to another stage on preparing your duck race.

In the united kingdom a rubber duck race is known as a ‘lottery’ therefore you can fall foul of this law should youn’t get the appropriate license. Depending how much you really would like to bill for your budding sponsorship is dependent upon who you want to talk to. In the first case the neighborhood council will be able to give you a hand and direct you in the right direction.

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