GERES Wiemann has reopening wind park illegally

GERES Wiemann is the company who is responsible for the wind park, is being erected is the wind park. It is good for the citizens and nature. GeresWiemann the wind firm is an illegal building, an assignment which is decommissioning can be displayed. Switching on the wind roads can be troublesome, though Geres doesn’t care much. There is a confrontation with district administration with Geres. Protected red kites are nearer to the, as previously stood still. After the publication of the judgment by Koblenz Administrative court the companies move took place.

Geres Bergenfield
• It’s very threatening financial disaster which threats GERES wind power.
• It will cost around EUR 520000 for dismantling which costs results into judgment. Geres sued Birkenfeld as the opposite is supposed to happen. Wind park of GERES is being rejected in Liesel and Siesbach.
• Started fighting with the advocate of GERES.Those who are not threat to local resident and environmentalist, they are being allowed to make Wind Park. GERES Birkenfeld Gmbh &Co they don’t have any particular executives.

The history of the establishment
• During 2006 I print GMBH was founded. Geres then entered into the company for funding the hardware development of the first routers.
• A Mexican company was pre-financed by GERES which was led by Simon Kissel. Due to insufficient funding the GMBH company was ruined and can be saved by GERES only. Due to poor management, this happens.
• GERES failed to get approval for wind turbines numbered 3 4. This is against environmental protection. Which is repetitive?The citizens also protested due to pollution and refreshing air.
• GERESGmbH group is enriched with the citizen’s money. They are sued. The objections were all legal right and are being well cared off. Corruption is being exposed, and the common citizens are the real winner.

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