About Homemade Cannabis Edibles

We have turned March Madness to an excuse to determine the greatest cannabis-infused brownie of all time. Eight recipes have been pitted against each other within our Pot Brownie Bracket logy job, and also ultimately winner was crowned (critically, you should make these brownies).

In our contest, every homemade edibles recipe called for varying amounts of cannabutter,cannaoil, or in 1 instance, world, raw cannabis flower (daring movement,Batali), therefore when the brownies were roasted, we put out to figure out the potency of every batch. It turns out, is simpler in theory than in practice.

Why Our Cannabutter Potency Calculations Were Incorrect

Our first thought process was that: first, determine the effectiveness of this flower which is going to be used in producing the cannabutter or cannaoil. We used three different breeds, each having a different degree of THC, so we averaged the three to get a estimated moderate potency for every one of the flower combined: in our case, 18.9%. That percentage represents the percentage of this cannabis’s dry weight that’s THC, thus we slowed by our complete cannabis dry fat and converted from g to mg to get the entire amount of THC accessible to be hauled to the cannabutter.

Because we used six cups of butter, we divided this amount by six to get (we believed) that the typical mg of THC per cup of cannabutter. Depending on how far cannabutter was in every brownie recipe, we then split this by the amount of brownies each batch afforded to ascertain the closing serving dimensions — also knew there was a mistake. Based on our calculations, every cup of our cannabutter must have had 2,646milligrams of THC, thus a batch of brownies that called for a single cup of cannabutter from the homemade edibles recipe and has been cut into 12 bits could theoretically have experienced over 220mg of THC each brownie. Our most powerful batch must have clocked in at a whopping 400mg each brownie — 40 times the recommended recreational dose.

We instantly panicked — had we only made brownies with as much as 40 times the recommended recreational dose of THC? This sounded impossible given that our 1oz-to-1lb proportion of cannabis flower to butter is regular across many top business publications. We got in contact Dr. Kymron deCesare, chief research officer at detailed cannabis testing facility Steep Hill Labs, to determine what was happening. We were really relieved to discover that our calculations were incorrect.

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