5 Longmire seasons filled with twists and turns

Craig Johnson’s Walt Longmire Mystery series has become so popular that it made its premier on 2012 and became one of the biggest hit of crime fictions in history. Most of the crime fictions revolve around serious murder cases, and the whole ambience remains tensioned. But this particular drama is completely different from the others. It consists of all the emotions of human mind staring from humor to love. The main character Walt was portrayed as Robert Taylor in the TV serial.

About the Author
Craig A Johnson has been rewarded for being the best seller author in NYC. Born on 1961 this author wrote novels and other stories, which changed the theme of crime fiction. He lives in Wyoming. He wrote 12 novels and 2 novellas. He is famous for his short stories based on the mystery cases and life of Walt Longmire of Absaroka Country, Wyoming. These novels were featured in a television serial and got a high rating as a debut. This serial now comes in Netflix in the 6th season.
List of Longmire Series
Following are the list of series:
• Hell in Empty
• As the Crow Flies
• Spirit of Steamboat
• A Serpent’s Tooth
• Dry Bones
• Any other Name
Apart from the above list there some other famous series also, which became equally popular.
About Walt’s life
Walt’s wife Martha dies of cancer. Both of them had a daughter named Cady who later assisted her father in solving the brutal murder cases. In “As the Crow Flies” it was mentioned that they both started dating each other before he is joining the civil service and after the returning from the Vietnam War, they resumed to their relationship. Walt’s friend Henry Standing Bear later also assisted him in solving the murder mysteries. Each Longmire Seasons comes out in a new plot with different murder mysteries.

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